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About us

We have these products:bag making machine,computer slitting machine,film-blowing machine,high speed center sealing and gelatinize machine,high speed inspection and rewind machine,high speed label cutting machine,automatic folding machine,heat sealing error-correction folding machine,high-voltage fully automatic high-speed coiler,non-loacl-discharge condenser type bushing full-automatic broadsheet wrapping machine,parallel high-tension coil winder,half-fold wrapping machine,capacitance graded bushings winding machine.ect.
With leading quality in domestic market, the products are sale to most parts of China, and have already been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Kuwait, Russia and African nations, we have become a branch of power for national industrial upgrading.


33 years of research and development of packaging equipment


Products are sold in 20 countries


60% of China's packaging market


More than 50 series products are produced

We're one of the leading bag making machine manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Our services

We're one of the leading bag making machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy high quality bag making machine for sale from our factory and check the price with us.


We will make samples by our machine for customers as soon as possible without any charge based on the samples clients offered and a video will be recorded for your reference. The sample material should be provided by customers, freight is on customers’ account. The made sample will be sent free.

Purchase Service

We have a specialized and efficiency working team. If you are new on the Plastic Machinery area, Some samples of your products could be show to us will be appreciated ,we will give you specialized suggestion of whole work .

Shipping Service

We have a specialized and independent department which just for shipping the buyer's goods .The workers are knowing T/T, L/C Items very well. All Exported documents could be made perfectly.
We cooperated with the most famous shipping company in China also. They could provide the best and economic shipping ways to the buyer's port.

Installation Services

Installation services are available for all new machine purchases. We will provide professional technician to your company to support for installating, debugging and operating of the machine. The technician will indicate you how to use the machine as well.

Training Services

We will dispatch technician to The Buyer's factory to installation and preoperation of machines .But the buyer need to supply the round trip tickets ,food ,hotel and other cost.Training on our factory also be welcome.

in-sale services

Accessories damaged within warranty period, we will offer free replacement as per quality guarantee terms and conditions. Generally, the delivery time of the products is within 45 working days after the contract is signed.

After Sales Service

We offer one year guarantee period and offer comprehensive maintenace options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. 24 hours technical support by e-mail. We use friendly English software, user manual and detailed videos/CD. We will do our best to solve the problem.

More than 30 years of specialized production experience
our only priority is customer satisfaction.



Focus on the development of flexible packaging equipment

  • Our company participated in the 33rd China International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition
  • Foreign customers visit our company
  • Our company participates in the Expo
  • Company technical seminar
  • Appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of automatic winding machine
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